Jan 6, 2015
Adding kilim to your space can bring an authentic traditional look which is both practical & stylish. Great for that relaxed family home style they bring texture and colour while also being good quality and hardwearing.
Our new collection of bright kilim cushions include more modern brights which make them suited to a more contemporary interior, giving it that boho edge. Filled with feathers for luxurious comfort our kilim cushions look great on both leather or fabric sofas adding a fun element to any interior. 
To browse the collection of kilims visit www.homesofelegance.co.uk. 

Dec 16, 2014

Our collection now has a range of new vintage finds salvaged from across the world. From metal signage to deconstructed Victorian chairs our vintage warehouse holds a range of fantastic pieces full of charm.

Perfect for adding a nostalgic sense of character to your home or business these vintage pieces present the most beautiful craftsmanship. They can be combined with either a crisp modern decor or a more industrial style to create a range of different interiors. 

A selection of our vintage furniture collection can be seen online or in store at Homes Of Elegance. 

Jun 12, 2014
This past month we have added lots of spectacular products to our collection. From statement lights to vintage style consoles we have some new pieces to give your spaces a new look. 
Hungarian console
The Hungarian Baker's table is the perfect piece for creating a country style interior. Painted with a fresh, neutral colour it has a softer look which is contrasted with the strong carved detailing. We think it would make a great hallway storage piece with a pair of statement lamps or vases and a mirror hung above. Made in Britain we can have bespoke pieces made in this style which is handy if you have an awkward shaped space to furnish.

We have also had some amazing statement lights which have transformed our showroom. They have a contemporary design which features layers of crystal cut petals to create a tear shape. They give a soft, warm light where the light shines through the layers of crystals. A set of three hung over a dining table will bring a touch of glamour and luxury to your meal times.
Industrial Stool
This industrial stool with an adjustable wooden seat is a practical piece with a utilitarian style. Ideal for  counter seating or at a high dining table they can be used to create a more casual dining space with a vintage touch.  
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May 23, 2014
We now offer an extra bespoke service for those looking for a lighter, softer look. Made in Britain our painted pieces are made using meticulous hand-craftsmanship and have a traditional style.
Taking inspiration from classic furniture designs our craftsmen can make a range of pieces such as bookcases and consoles tailored to your space.
They layer complimentary colour tones of neutral paint which they follow with a technique that gives a slightly distressed finish. The pieces exude a sense of faded elegance which will suit a range of interiors. A great example is the break-fronted bookcase, which is shown in the image above, it presents a Victorian style design with panelled doors and cornice detailing. It's lighter colour tone provides it with a fresher, more contemporary feel, which would be great for enhancing light and space in a room. 
To get a quote for a bespoke piece email sales@homesofelegance.co.uk or call 01873 854173. 

Apr 14, 2014
With a love for nostalgia our collection includes both true vintage pieces along with some replicas. Here are some of our vintage interior design tips to help you create a space with reminiscent elements:-
Vintage Blue Chest
Reclaimed, Re-loved pieces - A popular trend is the use of reclaimed vintage furniture which has been given a new lease of life. When these quality pieces have been re-invented they have an amazing unique look. Pieces like the Vintage blue chest of drawers can add character and charm to your space while also providing practical storage. This piece has been given a layered matt paint effect with a hint of colour which adds life to the piece once again.
Distressed Finishes - The aged patina of vintage pieces is what we love the most, it shows the long life the piece has had, giving them substance and story. Overall they provide a more causal, unrefined style that we like to call faded elegance.
Vintage accessories -  You can use vintage accessories to add a unique charm by re-inventing their use. Display vintage magazines or music sheets scrolls in glass vases, hang typewriters or riding hats in groups to make great wall art or even use vintage silverware to display candles and luxury potpourri.
Old Wood Bank Chest
If you don't like the thought of having reclaimed furniture then this look can still be created by using pieces which are influenced by furniture from the past. The old wood bank of drawers still has the vintage style and has been created out of old wood so it has the aged effect that gives these pieces their charisma.
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Apr 7, 2014
Are you in need of some inspiration to help you with furnishing your space?......here are some of our top tips when it comes to furnishing small spaces >
Franklin Sofa
+ Choose compact pieces with minimal style - If you opt for a simple colour scheme teamed with clean contemporary furnishings this will help add the illusion of a bigger space. The modern style is a perfect match to small room as it won't overwhelm the area. Our favourite pieces for creating this look is the new Franklin sofa with a highly simplistic design and compact proportions. To compliment this piece the teak square coffee table is great, it measures 80 x 80cm and features a bottom shelf for storage which is a must in smaller rooms. 
+ Use mirrors to open up the space - A mirror is a essential accessories for a small space, if you cleverly position them to reflect your natural light then it will make a huge transformation. We can make bespoke mirrors in Britain from a range of finishes so we can tailor them to the size you have available. For a quote, simply email sales@homesofelegance.co.uk.

+Add creative storage methods - There is no need to compromise on style when designing a smaller space. Choose unique storage pieces such as a vintage metal case, this one also has a reflective finish which will again create more light and the illusion of space. 
To shop all pieces listed in this post visit www.homesofelegance.co.uk

Apr 2, 2014
Simple tones, clean lines and reflecting highlights are just some of the traits of a classic contemporary interior. With great functionality this style marries together comfort with modern style beautifully alllowing you to create a practical space that looks great. With a simple colour palette this timeless style will suit both a modern and tradtional home.

Contemporary Classic

Here are some of our pieces that can be used to create this look > 
The Julian sofa is a great centrepiece for this look, it's light colour tone with brighten up the space giving a fresher look. It has the perfect combination of modern and classic styling with it's traditional buttoned upholstery and silver stud details. 
pair of the Scott chair  will compliment the Julian sofa well,  shadowing the same light colour tone. They will add a statement look to the space with a touch of luxury. 
The Abner coffee table is great for larger living rooms as it doesn't appear underwhelming for the space. It's lighter finished wood tone suits the colour palette and it's industrial style base brings a modern touch. 
For finishing touches add a luxurious elements such as Alpaca throws and unique style lighting to add variety like the Antique Bronze Lamp
For more information on any of the products you can email sales@homesofelegance.co.uk 

Mar 28, 2014
Teak Collection
Our Teak collection presents a range of simplistic and authentic pieces which all have a timeless design. Made from the versatile hardwood it has the most beautiful natural grain and colouring that ages beautifully. The teak used for our collection originates from Indonesia and it contains great strength and durability. Left with a raw finish it will provide your space with a fresher, cleaner look. The practical pieces in the range include, TV units, coffee tables and display cabinets.
Our teak TV cupboard features two sliding doors great for hiding dvd players and other appliances. The interior also features a pull out drawer on either side which is great for storing any films or games.
The sliding door display unit is a great piece for those needing a lot of storage. This piece has easy-to-use sliding doors with shelf storage on both tiers. With it's simple design this is a piece which can be adapted to the space that it's in.
Teak is a great material for coffee table use as it has more stain resistance than other woods. This frame design allows storage for magazines and books underneath to again make a practical piece.
All wood used to create our teak products is carefully governed so that the amount of harm to the environment is lowered. 

Mar 19, 2014

Our love for Vintage items continues and we've found more pieces with more great stories to tell. We love the character & feel that these items can bring to a space and the aged appearance that they possess. 

Vinatge Pukka Trunk

Once used by the rich & famous 'Pukka' was a brand that was sold at Harrods. The one that we found is an original piece which is covered in canvas with leather buckle fastening. This classic trunk can be used as an alternative, nostalgic storage method for a vintage inspired interior. Click here to shop online.  
Railway Cart Coffee Table
The next one-off piece is an American find from Ohio. Reworked from a 'Hamilton Truck' this coffee table includes original aged red castors and reclaimed wood. It's perfect for those looking for a unique piece with a salvaged industrial style.  Click here to shop online. 
Helmsman's Helper
This last piece is a great home accessory for those who love the vintage nautical style. Salvaged from an old shop this Helmsman's helper was once used as a course indicator. We just love the quirky and unique style it has. Click here to shop online. 

Mar 10, 2014
An easy way to bring a touch of retro as well as a pop of colour to your space is with the use of wall art. Retro canvas prints as well as vintage advertising signs are great for bringing a fun and interesting element. Hung on a statement wall they can be a quick, easy and effective feature that will add personality and that will give depth to the room.
We have made a small collection of canvas prints featuring some classic magazine covers as well as some iconic celebrities. Being an Abergavenny based brand one of our favourites is the Beatles poster print canvas. It features a copy of the original vintage poster advertising the Beatles concert at Abergavenny back in 1963. We loved it so much we even had bolster cushions made with the same design.
Another great piece is the 'McQueen Drives Porsche' Canvas which features a re-print of the 1970's promo poster celebrating the victory of Steve McQueen & Peter Revson in the 908 Porsche during the Sebring race in America. This print is great for a sleek, masculine style space with minimal design furniture.
For a more industrial style vintage metal signage can be used, the statement DX Motor Oil sign is an original vintage article salvaged from America. With it's weathered patina and bold red tone, this piece will bring both character and colour to your space.

Click here to shop our wall art online at Home of Elegance.


Mar 6, 2014

Getting increasingly more popular is the interior trend of vintage lighting. We have been busy sourcing some authentic one-off vintage pieces as well as some quality replicas. Full of character each light from our collection encompasses great detail and has a story to tell. 
Just in this week are the trio of antique shop lights, shown in the image above. They would look truly stunning over a kitchen worktop or along a long dining table. They have a classic elegance which is roughened by the aged patina that would suit a range of spaces. 
For those looking for a unique wall light, the round aluminium marine light is something that's a bit different. An exact replica of a salvaged ship light this piece can be used indoor and outdoor due to it's sealed casing. 
Another light with a great story is the Headlight table lamp which takes it's inspiration from a vintage car headlight. It's a great reading light perfect for a desk or side table.  
Click HERE to shop full lighting range online at Homes of Elegance.  

Mar 5, 2014


A burst of colour has been introduced to our collection for Spring 2014 from kilim cushions to brightly dyed vintage rugs. Our last collection sold out so quickly we thought we would treat you to another range of unique pieces......

We work closely with all of our suppliers and like to support smaller family run companies as much as we can. Our kilim suppliers are a family business who have been making and sourcing kilims for generations. They source top quality kilims for us which were hand woven from between 50 - 80 years ago. Traditionally these kilims were given as a gift to a woman on her wedding day ready for her marital home.
The rich mix of colours used in the kilim introduce both life and character to a space. They can add an authentic touch to a contemporary space or be mixed in with other patterns and colours to create an eclectic boho style. 
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Feb 10, 2014
Majority of the pieces from our collection are created in Britain, at Decoration Archive we like to have a close relationship with all of our suppliers, we work with our local craftsmen to create the best possible product we can. 
Our sofa collection feature the best quality frame structure made from hardwood, assembled with glue, screws & dowels for added strength. Depending on the model the base then has a coil sprung or webbed seat installed. They are then topped with sumptous seat cushions which can be filled with feathers, foam or fibre depending on what type of sit your prefer. 
The workshop where most of our wooden furniture is made is a family run business that uses traditional methods. These aged methods are best suited to the reclaimed wood and English oak that they use. Built to last the pieces have a beautiful rustic, 'non-manufactured' look.  
What we love about using local craftsmen is that they use traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. Providing us with a handcrafted quality piece that you can cherish for  years to come. It also gives you the option of having a bepsoke piece completely unique to you and your space. 
To read more about our collection of furniture that is Made in Britain click here. 

Feb 6, 2014
Looking for a unique Valentines Gift? Here at Decoration Archive we have lots of vintage inspired home accessories that would make perfect gift for a loved one this Valentines day. 
The classic leather photo frame is a great home accessory to frame your favourite memory together as a couple. A quality piece made from a tan coloured leather, it would add a touch of classic elegance to any desk, console or mantlepiece.  
A special gift for her is the handmade tear drop necklace which features an elegant diamond encrusted design which would suit a range of outfits & occassions. For him we have an amazing vintage piece which he can cherish forever, A RAF pulsar chronograph watch worn by the pilots of fast jets & helicopters. 
If your staying in this Valentines day you can transform your home using vitnage inspired votives to create a relaxing atmosphere. The Fleur windlights give a soft warmer tone light which is perfect for bringing a touch of romance. 
A champagne holder is a must have to chill your favourite bottle of champagne, the glass champagne cooler has a simple design which will look great in any interior. We also have a range of true vintage champagne buckets with original brand badges giving them a stylish touch. 
To shop all these pieces click here. 

Jan 21, 2014
We have found some more amazing vintage pieces recently, here's a little more about them.....
Firstly we have the vintage school cupboard which has been beautifully restored with a washed paint finish and a charcoal grey cornice. This piece was salvaged from an old school so has a traditional, pratical design featuring five interior shelves. 
We also have the petite vintage mirror side table perfect for a feminine Parisian space. With a mirror finish on four sides this piece will add light and illusion of space to a smaller room. The smaller detail of the delicate picture handles and aged patina is what makes this piece unique. 
The A&B Vintage lunch sign  is a great condition vintage piece in full working order. It features a monochrome restaurant advertising design which is back lit to give an effective finish. This distinctive light would work well in a industrial style kitchen or dining area. 
To shop the full vintage collection we have in stock at the moment click here. 

Jan 9, 2014
Here's how to create an industrial style interior using some of our key pieces >>


Expose original features - For a true vintage style industrial space the original features must be show off. From old red brickwork, steel structures and old floorboards these elements will form the perfect surroundings for some great pieces of furniture.

Attention to detail - With the furniture, choose pieces with authentic style detailing such as the Forge Reclaimed Cart Coffee Table shown in the image above. This piece includes reclaimed wheels which were salvaged from vintage industrial castors giving this piece a great story. 

Keep it simple - Stay with lighter, more neutral colours, such as white and light greys to create a better contrast between the heavy industrial details. You can then add one statement block of colour using a piece of wall art or cushions such as the Vintage Red  Art Metal Star 

Make sure to incorporate the lighting - A key to an industrial style interior is the raw metal factory style lighting. We have some great true vintage lights as well as quality replica's to give the perfect finish to your space. To browse our range of industrial style lighting click here 

Add Accessories -  Use authentic accessories such as vintage cases, clocks and vintage signage to bring life & history to the space. The Decoration Archive Vintage Case  has a great industrial style and will bring another texture to the space. 

Dec 17, 2013
True to our brand we have collated a collection of antique inspired Christmas accessories set to give your home a vintage festive feel. The hand-blown glass baubles have been finished with an antiqued mirror finish whch will reflect the Christmas lights beautifully. 
As well as the tree decorations we also have an eclectic mix of glass votives finished with a vintage style patina. For the Christmastime we think they look best laid out on a vintage silver tray complimented with a festive smelling potpourri. Place on a side table to create a warm, cosy atmosphere or use a round tray to create a centre piece for the dining table on Christmas day.  

Nov 5, 2013
This month a brand new bundle of colourful kilims arrived in store, just in time to spruce up your sofa this season.
Each cushion is feather filled and has been hand - made to last from a luxury kilim. The traditional turkish kilim fabric, that has been used, has a rich colour characteristic and was made using flat weaving techniques. The collection features both the traditional patterned kilim and also a bright plain kilim which were dyed by hand.
They can either be used to introduce colour into a contemporary, minamalist space, or to add an additional layer of texture to a bold interior. These eclectic style cushions will bring both a warm and cozy feel to your living area ready for the Winter.
Click HERE to see the full collection of kilim cushions, prices start from £39.00.

Oct 15, 2013

We have been busy perfecting a beautiful collection of flagship sofas as part of our range. Each of the sofas are made in Great Britain by local craftsmen.  Built to last with a coil sprung base and hardwood frame which are all screwed, glued and dowelled. Upholstered in a range of fabrics from British plush velvet to herringbone fabric, We have chosen from a grey tonal colour palette to give the collection added versatility.
Click HERE to shop the full flagship sofa collection online at Homes of Elegance or visit our store at 7 Mill Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5HE.
As well as the sofas we offer a range of bespoke pieces including dining tables, mirrors & bookcases made from a choice of English oak or reclaimed timber. For more information you can email sales@homesofelegance.co.uk or call 01873 854173.

Aug 13, 2013
New this summer is the beautiful 'West Coast' collection. Inspired by the West Coast beach style this collection of furniture embraces a more causal style. With a mixture of distressed wood and a more muted palette these pieces collectively create a more subdued look.

Click here  to shop the full collection at Homes of Elegance. 

May 31, 2013

We have been working on a new collection of furniture made using ancient salvaged wood here at Decoration Archive. The first two pieces arrived back from our craftsman this week. The first is a trestle style console with a centre draw & the second a statment coffee table. Both still house original features like an old ring door handle & a wooden spool. 
To shop the coffee table & console visit :- http://www.homesofelegance.co.uk/furniture/new-in.html

May 17, 2013

Click Here to shop collection online. 

The Forge collection has arrived! The collection consists of industrial style stools, tables & desk crafted from a mixture of materials including original cast iron, reclaimed joined timber & salvaged industrial castors. A perfect companion to our vintage signage & lighting. 

You can see the collection this week at The Homes of Elegance showroom at 7 Mill Street in Abergavenny.

Mar 20, 2013
We have been making a collection of the best qualilty true vintage accessories we can find. We've found some leather pilot goggles, vintage brass binoculars & portable typewriters all in amazing condition. These items make quirky home accessories which create a sentimental one of a kind look.
Click here to browse our full range of vintage accessories.

Jan 30, 2013

As well as our Chest of Drawers from the HMS 1901 ship we also have some other treasures in our collection steeped in history.  


 Firstly the vintage red & grey flag from the R.M.S Windsor Castle beautifully presented in an old wood frame. The R.M.S windsor castle was the largest mailship that was operated by the union castle line. This company was the prominant british shipping line operating a fleet of passenger/cargo ships between Europe & Africa from 1900 to 1977. This piece makes a great wall feature with a great story. 

 We also have some authentic ship lighting in our collection which include the reclaimed red & green aluminium ship lights and large brass search lights. 

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Or visit Homes of Elegance, 7 Mill Street, Abergavenny. 

Jan 25, 2013

Decoration Archive has a wide range of vintage lighting in its collection that would bring a retro twist to any room. Salvaged lighting has been reloved to its orginal state or sometimes new features are added. Just one of our pieces are needed to enhance the simplest of interiors.

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Jan 18, 2013


We have a great vintage find in our collection which was derived from the HMS Albemarle, the pre-Dreadnought Duncan-class battleship of the Royal Navy. Made from a lovely mahogany wood the five drawer chest has all orignal handles and baulster style legs. This piece is bundled with history and is ready to add an authentic feel to your home. 

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Jan 15, 2013

Decoration Archive provides customers with complete control over how their desired piece of furniture looks and feels. There are many pieces within the Decoration Archive collection that can be customised to suit your home. The bespoke pieces include reclaimed timber dining tables to feather filled sofas, with each piece hand made the quality is never compromised. A vast selection of colours, finishes, sizes and styles are available to choose from which makes each piece more personal. In addition we also offer the service to create pieces that are designed by you following a sketch, description or an inspirational image.

To contact our a store representative you can call 01873 854173 or email: sales@homesofelegance.co.uk